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Collaboration? My talent?

2011-04-15 01:47:01 by Eteocles

If anybody wants to collaborate, or have me do guitar or drums for a song, send me a message!


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2011-04-15 11:09:25

You rock! dude! nice music you got there! i would like to work with you for my future projects. :)

but i don't understand why your music has low score. it sounds nice. actually its one of my dream to be a musician. but i can't concentrate for both arts and music. and i have no time to spare.

Eteocles responds:

Thanks man! I don't know why it gets a low score either, but it doesn't matter to
me. As long as some people enjoy my work, I'm happy!

Learning to record is totally different then learning to play, they are two totally different things. Takes a lot of practice, worth the time if you really enjoy it though!


2011-04-15 11:10:14

and i added you to my fav musician so i can get in touch when time happens.

Eteocles responds:

Definitely, man! I'm always down for working with other people!


2011-04-15 11:11:07

and go cheer up dude. prove them you are very good at music! good luck! :)

Eteocles responds:

Hah! Thanks man! Not sure why some people don't like my stuff, but I guess they aren't metalheads! :P


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